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First published in 1992, we are now in our 21st year of publication. Since our first edition we have been the official directory commissioned by the Yangon City Development Committee.


Thanks to our committed team of over 300 staff in Yangon and Mandalay, the Yangon Directory Group (YDG) is the market leader, with over 108,000 listings and 7000 advertisements, under 600 business headings, making us the largest and most trusted directory in Myanmar.


For 2014 we have over 130,000 copies of Yangon Directories being circulated in over 21 cities nationwide.


Most recently we have launched our mobile phone app, the use of icode, our Hot Line number and now our revised new website; all of which continue to connect our clients and customers, in a contemporary, efficient and multi-faceted way.


It has always been our goal to effectively promote Yangon businesses and provide you with quality advice you can trust.We will continueexploring opportunitieswith the aim tostrive in meeting the needs of Yangonites and businesses alike.


We would like to thank all our patrons and supporters for their loyalty and encouragement. We shall continue to serve you and help you to develop your business.

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