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Ad on Probox, Adven, CaldinaTaxi Sticker advertising within yangon area

Price per unit, per year
Sales price: 519,750 Kyat

Price per car, per year

Duration : 1 year
Above price will charge depend on policy of Yangon Division Central Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles & Vessels & YCDC taxes
Size : The Whole car, 5 sides, front, back, left, right, roof
Minimun order: 1 unit

Include Services

Owner Permit
Outdoor sticker printing with limaniate (1 year gurantee)
Yangon Division Central Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles & Vessels taxes
Road transporation taxes, Installation
One year guarantee, Taking measurement on design, Finished report to photo"

Note: Prices updated: as of 30-11-2015

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