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Ad on Normal Bus

Price: per unit, per year
Sales price: 1,328,250 Kyat

Duration : 1 year
Above price will charge depend on policy of Yangon Division Central Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles & Vessels & YCDC taxes
Line name : Ma Hta Tha Normal Bus
Size : 420 sq-ft(The Whole bus)
Bus line no : 32, 54, 216, 202, 45, 51, 43, 205, 217, 199, 56, 44, 210, 132, 152, 226, Than Myan Thu, Shwe Inn Wa, Yangon- Khyan
Minimum order: 1 bus

Include Services

Yangon Division Central Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles & Vessels Permit
Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC )taxes
Road transporation taxes
Sticker printing with Lamination (1 year guarantee)
Installation & finish report to photo taking charges
One year guarantee

Note: Prices updated: as of 30-11-2015

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