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ad mar digital marketing was founded at the dawn of digital openess in Myanmar in 2013, when the first democratic government was installed for the first time in 50 years. It was originally known as, the first ever online ad store in Myanmar, where 1-stop shopping of many advertising services became possible. 


ad mar digital marketing

Contact Address:
3/2 Myanmar ICT Park, Universities Hlaing Campus,
Yangon 11052,
t: (+95) 09 979 300 900
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  





Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Boosting is the most widely known advertising service on Facebook platform. Although there are totally 11 different ways of advertising on Facebook, only 2 advertising services are most requested services right now.

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Google AdWords Advertising Services

Traditional advertising is hard to control and measure. Why would you spend to broadcast, when you can narrowcast or sniper straight to targets? Show your ads only when your customers are looking for you or your products.

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Digital Marketing Consultant Service

Digital Landscape Analysis Report

This report will inform you how large is the market demand from where and who. It will also include how compeditors are doing and how wide they have covered, and so on.

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☎ 09 979 300 900

ad mar digital marketing
Advertising Myanmar .com: Advertising Division of Myanmars.NET

3/1 Myanmar ICT Park, Yangon 11052, Myanmar.
Yangon: (+95) 09 979 300 900,
(+95-1) 652323, 652250
Bangkok: (+66) 080-776-2610
New York: (+1) 646-867-3932
California: (+1) 707-988-0300

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